Seamless Design

Fantom Drives Xbox Snap On provides easy installation while also looking marvelous.

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Why You NEED the Fantom Drives Xbox One Snap On vs. Other Xbox Hard Drives

Beautiful design that makes the hard drive and Xbox One look like one unit as you snap on the unit directly to Xbox One.

Plug and Play - Save time as our Xbox One Snap On comes out of the box formatted for Xbox One.

No messy look - Our Xbox One Hard Drive has ZERO cables. 0.

Enough space to fit 125 Far Cry 5 like games. Our 5TB unit can hold about 125x40GB games.

Optimized technology - Fantom Drives Xbox One Snap On chipsets are optimized for Xbox One.

4TB or 5TB hard drive for Xbox gives you more space for more games. Frag more, Stress less.

No need for batteries or chargers! Fantom Drives Snap On Hub Xbox Hard Drive is powered directly by Xbox itself. 

3 USB 3.0 Ports allows you to charge your phone, extra controllers, and other devices! You can even add more storage!

Easy installation + Plug & Play allows you to start gaming instantly! No need to waste time, no need to do your laundry.

More About Fantom Drives Xbox One Hard Drive

Fantom Drives, storage experts you can rely on since 1988, is giving Xbox One gamers a reason to celebrate. With massive user adoption of Xbox Game Pass since its release in early 2017 and Xbox One exclusive games for 2018 just being recently announced, having the ability to store all your games has become even more necessary.

Fantom Drives has taken this need for higher storage capacity for Xbox One to pioneer a product much needed in the Xbox One community. Last year, Fantom Drives introduced Xbox One Snap On & Hub that allowed Xbox One gamers to snap on a device on to the Xbox itself for additional 2TB storage. An option to add the SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) was also introduced following its release. This year, with the experience and success of the previous unit under its belt, Fantom Drives is releasing a revised version that can hold up to 4TB and 5TB hard drives for Xbox One; becoming one of the first storage companies to innovate a seamless integration of external hard drive onto the Xbox One itself for a clean and natural singular unit look.